Indie Royale Launches ‘The All-Charity Pack’

Indie Royale The All Charity Pack
Indie Royale The All Charity Pack

KERACK! That’s the sound of lightning which can only mean another Indie Royale Lightning Pack has struck. This one is different though. Why? All proceeds go to charity. One. Hundred. Percent.

For the next 100 hours you can be very generous by buying games at an outrageously low price. Say what? Yep. Not a bad deal – Indie Royale’s All-Charity Pack includes four indie games and three chiptune albums (because they’re the indie-est?), the latter requiring a $7 minimum spend.

As said, all proceeds go to charity, four of them in fact which were hand picked by the developers themselves. These are UNICEF’s Haiti Aid, Amnesty International, the EFF and ActionAid.

What you’re here for, we suspect, are the four games which are as follows:

Osmos is available for Windows, Mac and Linux while the other three are Windows only. If you’re looking for Steam keys, then you’ll get them for all of the games except The Shiva. Direct downloads and Desura unlocks are included for all four games.

If you pay $7 or up for the Royale then you’ll also receive some chiptune music in album form. To be specific: Jake Kaufman’s ‘FX4′ (Retro City Rampage composer), Disasterpeace’s ‘Level’ (Fez composer), and a brand new EP from 6955 called ‘IN1ep’ (Super T.I.M.E Force composer).

You can grab The All-Charity Pack over the next 100 hours over on the official Indie Royale website.

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