indiePub Announce New Publishing Platform for Independent Developers


indiePub, an independent video game publisher, has recently revealed that they will soon launch a new social-centric, indies-only publishing platform. The new service has been in development for close to a year now and will officially go live late 2011.

indiePub’s new platform will combine e-commerce and social networking in such a way that will allow indie developers to sell, share and market their apps. The platform will also allow for anyone to create a Pub (store) to sell digital apps for multiple devices thanks to a distributed delivery system.

In addition indiePub will also use a proprietary API with optional digital rights management (DRM) wrapper so almost any digitally distributable game can be a part of the marketplace.

If you want to get a first-hand look at the new services before it goes live, you can register at indiePub for a chance to be a part of the beta, anyone can register.

Here’s a quote from VP of Gaming, Dave Reynolds, that reveals a little more about the new indiePub:

“We were asked by numerous independent game developers to create a ‘Steam for indies.’ The new indiePub marketplace will give indie developers a way to tap into the growing multi-billion dollar digital download market and make money with their games by combining innovative crowd-sourced marketing with unique developer-controlled distribution tools. Instead of a site telling them how, when and for how much to sell their games, indiePub will enable publishers to independently control these without limiting distribution to only one or two platforms. We’re working to make indiePub run on any device that can download apps.”

For more information regarding this upcoming service be sure to check out this page.


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