‘Interstellar Marines: Prologue’ Scrambles For Last-Minute Funding

Interstellar Marines
Interstellar Marines

With a little over one day left, Zero Point Software released one final announcement urging potential donors to consider the Interstellar Marines: Prologue Kickstarter campaign.

The Interstellar Marines: Prologue campaign launched October 25th, and raised just shy of $150,000 at the time of this writing. While that may seem like an incredibly large amount of money for a Kickstarter campaign to generate, that $150,000 is merely one fourth the final Kickstarter goal for Interstellar Marines: $600,000.

“We know $600,000 is a lot of money,” Zero Point Software says on the Kickstarter page. “Making FPS games is difficult and expensive – especially with the AAA-quality that we’re aiming for – so to be able to finish Prologue we need to hire a roster of artists, designers and programmers who all excel at their individual craft.”

There are plenty of goodies to check out on the Interstellar Marines Kickstarter page, some are fun, most are informative. There are playable in-browser demonstrations of game mechanics, soundtrack samples, a bunch of gameplay videos, and, of course, blog-like updates that are commonly linked on Kickstarter campaign pages.

Interstellar Marines is a trilogy of games that begins with First Contact. As the title suggests, the Kickstarter campaign is for the prologue of the trilogy, but some of the campaign rewards allow donors to attain copies of all four games, upon completion and subsequent release.

Some of the donor rewards include Steam and DRM-free copies of all four games, an artbook, t-shirts, movie-styled posters, in-game cosmetic items, and more. All copies of the game come with beta access to Interstellar Marines: Prologue, and those who already donated can opt to donate more to unlock extra goodies.

Zero Point Software is composed of industry veterans with over 20 years in the industry, some of who worked on AAA shooters like Crysis and Deus Ex.

Visit the official Interstellar Marines website and visit the game’s Kickstarter campaign page. Follow the developers on Twitter.

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