Introducing NerfGames: Debut Title ‘Avoid’ Finds A Home On IndieCity


NerfGames are very pleased to bring their arcade dodge-everything game, Avoid, to IndieCity for PC players, worth checking out unless it brings up old memories of avoiding the bullies at school.

Well here’s some hard working chaps! NerfGames have been developing three games simultaneously in between all of their university work. The first of which has already hit Android and Windows Phone 7 and now it makes its PC debut on IndieCity.

This first game is called Avoid and as you might have guessed the idea of the game is to avoid everything on the screen for as long as possible while collecting power ups and building up that all-important score. While the visuals are simple, they’re clean and have a certain shine to them that definitely goes easy on the eye.

While the release of Avoid has certainly been exciting for NerfGames, they were keen to tell us about their next game Blox which is hopefully going to be released on Android and Windows PC’s. Blox is a physics based platformer, a traditional one of sorts, that involves contorting a blob through different themed levels. The beta for Blox should be open from March 16th to anyone who is interested and there will be a tournament held with the winners receiving a free copy of the full game.

“As a studio we’ve always aimed to launch games that can be played on a wide a range of PC’s hardware as possible, so we’re not relegating a lot of more “casual” gamers who don’t always have the latest and greatest hardware as possible,” said Antony McKane of NerfGames. “We also aim to produce games that are in fun to play, because if the game isn’t fun in the first place then what’s the point in making it?!?”

We get the impression that NerfGames are a studio to look out for. As well as these two titles being delivered now and in a few weeks time, they also have another called Actuate which features a unique color bending mechanic in a strategic tower defense type. That’s quite some ambition and imagination emanating from these guys and its definitely contagious!

You can purchase Avoid for your Android device, Windows Phone 7 or you can head over to IndieCity for the PC version.

More information on NerfGames and their games can be found on their official website.

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