‘Ka-Bloom’ Coming To iOS, First BBC Published Indie Mobile Title


Ka-Bloom is to be the first mobile game from Strongman Games and oddly enough it will be getting published for iOS by BBC Worldwide – the first mobile game to be given the honor.

You should remember Ka-Bloom if you ever played the original version in your browser; it’s a fast-paced puzzler that tasks you with feeding gems to a crazy flower dwelling creature called Floret. It was quite a distinctive game, you should definitely remember it. Oh what’s wrong with you? Go and play it here then, then you’ll know what we’re discussing here!

Okay, so the important news here is that Strongman wanted to push the Ka-Bloom on to Android and iOS but were having problems with the latter.

“Ka-Bloom was always designed for touch devices, but our dreams were thwarted when Apple decided to go medieval on Flash back on early 2010,” Erlend Grefsrud, creative director of Strongman Games, stated.

“We couldn’t afford to rebuild it natively, and until now we only had feverish dreams of stroking our Floret on a proper, shiny iDevice.”

What has changed now is that BBC Worldwide have piped up after deciding to publish the game for the chaps. While that’s all nice and dandy, the interesting thing is that this is to be the first BBC published indie mobile game…ever! While, as you will know, we’re not huge fans of publishers, the developers creation isn’t being tampered with by them so we’re cool with that. Hopefully this will then become another avenue for any indie developers struggling to get their game out on to the mobile avenues, big smile for the BBC now!

More information on Ka-Bloom can be found on the game’s official website.

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