‘La-Mulana’ Will Be Released On WiiWare Soon, Possibly PC In The Future


Nigoro, the developer of the action platformer La-Mulana, has confirmed that the game is now finished and will be making its way on to WiiWare very shortly, they also teased that they intend to release the game “outside of just consoles” and are working on that version right now.

In their most recent blog entry they apologize to those in waiting that the game was not released in 2011, but are happy to confirm that the game is now finished and will be released very soon, depending on how fast things move after the New Year. There has quite clearly been some pain involved for the developers in trying to get the game finished and released but they do not expose the reasons.

“There are several reasons why it has taken longer than we initially expected and I really would like to tell you all about it. However, we’re in the business of making great games and want to continue doing so for as long as we can. We can say that sometimes making games and the elements surrounding them can be a massive pain in the ass because it’s not all just game development.”

On to lighter news, the developers said the following:

“We have some very big news, positive for a large number of fans. We’ve decided to release La-Mulana outside of just consoles, too. There has been enough feedback and e-mails from fans suggesting we do so. We’ve started on the new version and I’m thankful to everyone of you.”

They released two screenshots of this new version which all but confirms that this is a PC version – what else could “outside of just consoles” mean?

La-Mulana Screens

La-Mulana is an action archaeological ruins exploration game. Set in the huge mystical ruins, La-Mulana, you must solve its many mysteries, battle enemies and find the secret treasure of life that remains in its vast tunnels.”

More information on the developers and La-Mulana is available on the official website.

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