Learning The Craft: ‘MinePackage’ Offers Chance To Create ‘Minecraft’-Esque Games


If Minecraft is the king of the indies, it’s fair to say that there are a huge number of would-be princes out there. Mojang’s wildly successful title has paved the way for a seemingly incessant supply of pretenders, each trying, and ultimately failing, to replicate their bounteously voxel-tastic source of inspiration. Thanks to a user posing under the pseudonym of jc_lvngstn on the Unity forums, however, budding creators now have the opportunity to use Minecraft as the basis for their own intellectual gaming endeavours.

Entitled MinePackage, the program in question is an open source toolkit that’s been around for over a year now, yet which has received surprisingly little attention considering its generally favourable reception amongst its users. Rather than settling for blasé Minecraft clones, MinePackage encourages seasoned Minecraft users to use the utilities laid out in its toolbox to generate their own unique gaming concepts within a Minecraft-inspired universe. As such, it’s possible to have a go at crafting (aren’t I a comedic goldmine?) a theoretically unlimited range of gaming genres, all safely wrapped up in a familiar package.

MinePackage can be downloaded on its official SourceForge page.

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