‘Legends Of Yore’ Version 1.0 Released

Legends of Yore
Legends of Yore

The day has finally arrived that sees Legends of Yore enter completion in its 1.0 version – the game is still free and it is still worth playing so make sure you do!

Simple is as simple does is Legends of Yore in a hanky. Basically, the game is a very user-friendly roguelike with those 8-bit graphics we all know and love. The entire interface is conducted with clicks so as to make it compatible for iOS and Android devices, also making it a casual experience for PC playing.

There’s a whole load of love that has been melted into Legends of Yore from its creator, the delightful Mr. Kevin Glass (tips hat). Although the game remains simple, it is challenging and will churn playtime into lost hours – but hey, you’re having fun!

You can download the 1.0 version for your desktop PC, that is Windows, Mac and Linux you’ll be happy to hear. The game has been submitted to Apple for an App Store update which should be on the way soon too. You can find all of the download links on the left hand side of the game’s official website.

In case you were wondering what has been added with this new version, it’s modding support, “you can now save from modded versions” the final big bad quest (level 175 kill quest), which has a lovely boss to fight at the end – cover your eyes now if you want to remain surprised.

Deathbringer Legends of Yore

More information on Legends of Yore can be found on the official website.

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  1. Dorian Patterson

    From the website: ”
    News! The game is pay to play unheeded after level 20 – as with the mobile version. This is due to increasing costs and time spent on development. ”

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