Let It Shine: The Fullbright Company Announce ‘Gone Home’

Gone Home
Gone Home

Set your mind clocks back about a week and you should find that we told you that ex-Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den developers went indie and made a studio called The Fullbright Company. See, we told you right here. Now fast forward and join us in the present as the day of announcement has come – Fullbright are holding a candle, shedding light and all other forms of that pun upon their in-development game they call Gone Home.

Gone Home is pitched as a first person exploration game, which may immediately make some of you recall your walking vacation in Dear Esther. Alas, this is remarkably different in that you’ll be inside some form of residential building and looking in drawers, picking up toy ducks and unlocking doors in an attempt to find out what happened in this mysterious locale.

Speaking to RPS, Fullbright’s lead guru, Steve Gaynor, said the following:

“We’re really interested in pushing toward simulation, both in the sense of the physics system but also in allowing the player to open any door or drawer they’d logically be able to and examine what’s inside, down to small details. If we do it right, these interactive and simulation elements will work together to make you that much more invested in discovering the story woven into the environment.”

Gone Home is still in the very early stages of development but there is a WIP video for you to ponder over below in anticipation of its release on PC some time in the far off future.

More information on Gone Home can be found over on Fullbright’s official website.

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