‘Let’s Be Friends’ Is A Free Tribute Game To Scoregasm And Waves

Lets Be Friends
Lets Be Friends

Danny Goodayle, one of the guys behind the upcoming survival horror Thanatophobia, is making a delightful twin-stick shooter called Let’s Be Friends as a tribute to Scoregasm and Waves, and you can play it for free right now.

If you have played Scoregasm and/or Waves you will know what fantastic, hyper-active shooters they are, so you won’t see it as a surprise that someone would want to replicate their gameplay. This is what Danny Goodayle has done with his work in progress, Let’s Be Friends. The game was made as part of SMACJam – an event contrived by Peter Silk after he missed Ludum Dare 22 but wanted to take part in a 72 hour game making event anyway and thus SMACJam, or Surprised Man Anti-Charity Game Jamstravaganza, was born.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Anti-Charity”? It’s not as seedy as you may think – the idea was to add an incentive to complete your game in the allotted time otherwise your £10 would go to a charity that you despise. If you completed the game then the £10 would go to a charity that you wanted it to go to.

Out of the whole thing we are delivered Let’s Be Friends (named so because the enemies want to hug you apparently) which is actually a very promising little project and one that its developer is keen to finish. It’s a twin-stick arena shooter as you would expect with levelling, upgrades and of course slow-mo. As simple as it is in its prototype stage, Let’s Be
, has some addictive gameplay to keep you busy.

You can download the game for free by clicking on this link.

More information on the SMACJam can be found over here, and more information regarding Let’s Be Friends can be found here.

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  1. Peter Silk

    Thanks for the mention, though I feel like my collaborator Kieran Walsh deserves at least half the blame for coming up with the idea for this jam. It might be something we do again, with more ahead-of-time announcing.

  2. Bryce Pelletier

    Great game Dan and a good write-up from Chris Priestman. Definitely glad I caught this post. Hope more people come and check out this fun little game (that is still in progress). Only in alpha version .03 I think?

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