Lewis Denby Morphs Into Gamethunks, Teases Upcoming Game

Lewis Denby’s Upcoming Game
Lewis Denby's Upcoming Game

Gaming all-rounder, Lewis Denby, has created his own little space on the web under the guise Gamethunks alongside teasing a game he is working on; a touching little scene ensues with some evocative piano.

So who is this Lewis Denby and why do we care about him or his upcoming game? Mind your manners you. Mr. Denby is a fine example of a gentlemen (with a beard) who just so happens to write about games all over the place, he also did the PR and marketing for Dear Esther and he made Masked, which we quite liked as written down here.

Now you’re up to date, hopefully you will appreciate this teaser for the game he is working on a little bit more. Denby says it’s designed to set the mood of the game but doesn’t reveal anything more apart from the fact that there will be updates in the future.

Anyone else getting a To The Moon vibe from that? I swear if you make me cry again Denby…I’ll…I’ll…love you forever!

More information on this game as well as its creator is available on the official website (or at least will be soon as regards to the former).

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