Light-Years Ahead Of The Competition ‘Ring Runner’ A New Action-RPG


Triple-B-Titles have taken a whole host of great concepts, mixed them all up in a bag and came out with Ring Runner – Flight Of The Sages (Ring Runner). Billed to be a new take on action-RPG they fuse hundreds of unique abilities, customizable ships, in depth story focused campaign, intense multiplayer action, procedural generated backgrounds, need I go on.

Although still on Kickstarter, just below funding level ($11 237 / $12 000) the game already looks and sounds great, with a demo already and some very interesting stretch goals I am sure this title will turn out great. Check out the latest trailer below:

The general aim with Ring Runner seems to of been to create a new game with a great deal of depth, whilst ensuring that skill is the prime focus of the multiplayer experience. Triple-B-Titles have put in place full newtonian physics, which is going to allow players to play with physics. Surfing shockwaves, doing barrel rolls, the variety is great and no doubt people will pop some awesome tricks.

I do find it interesting they are trying to generate the online battle arena in space in Ring Runners. Taking influence from DOTA and Leauge of Legends, with the key difference being to focus much more on individual skill. Shots will only miss if you cannot aim, weapons behave very differently but are all equally as viable, no criticals, no luck. Just skill.

Ring Runner burst

Some of the key features are:

  • Over 300 unique abilities
  • 65 fully customizable ships
  • Highly expansive story driven campaign
  • At least four online multiplayer modes
  • Procedurally generated AI
  • Procedurally generated Backgrounds

Ring Runner does sound a very ambitious game with both a fantastically in depth single player. Coupled with a deep and rich entirely skill based multiplayer I do eagerly look forward to the release.

With any game the true test will be in the release title but as long as it carries off what they have billed I have no doubt this will be something special. In the mean time if you are itching to give this fantastic looking Sci-Fi RPG shooter a go check out the official site for the new alpha demo here.

If you like what you see/ enjoy the demo I encourage you to back these guys on Kickstarter here. They have some very interesting stretch goals so all the money will go into making an even better game, take a look.

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