‘Lock Break Battle’ A New Rival To Bomberman Arena Play

Lock Break Battle – a mild scuffle
Lock Break Battle - a mild scuffle

I have personally always enjoyed the arena based multiplayer games such as Bomberman , they are great party games and offer fast and frantic fun between friends for hours. The only problem with this arcade genre is it does lack a lot of variety.

I struggle to come up with other games similar to Bomberman, not even Worms really is comparable. Luckily Algitt Studios have also realised this gap in the market and have decided to developer their own arena based game called Lock Break Battle. Check out the trailer below to get a feel for the game:

Lock Break Battle is a rather simple concept putting 1 – 8 players into a labyrinth with the sole purpose to escape. Escape is not easy however as you require two keys, which of course must be stolen from fellow participants, and so the fun begins.

Not only are the keys rather difficult to get hold of but you are continually working against a timer upon reaching the final minute will queue the fire to begin bellowing into the centre of the arena. Slowly spreading out to engulf the entire map and of course people versed in other arcade games of this time will sound familiar.

Lock Break Battle - split screen

There is of course verity in the characters you are able to pick, very much following the classic fantasy Archetypes. You can choose between: Archer, Mage, Thief or Warrior, each of which having pros and cons. Whilst all offer unique gameplay elements that allow you to play the game your way.

Lock Break Battle does sound a very fun new party game that I for one am very much looking forward to playing. It will provide an ideal addition to the already fantastic Bomberman and bolster anyone’s party game catalogue that bit more.

Lock Break Battle - End of days

Algitt Studios are also currently running a Kickstarter project here so be sure to check this out if the game sounds interesting to you. There is no current release date for Lock Break Battle but expect to see it next year (currently estimated for Q1).

For the official Lock Break Battle Site go here.

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