‘Lone Survivor’ Will Arrive This Very Month

Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor

Jasper Byrne, or Superflat World as he is also known, has taken to Twitter and announced that Lone Survivor will be coming out this month, March 2012! Capital letters were used and everything.

I thought about holding out to share this news once something a little more definite has been announced such as a release date, but my excitement got the better of me and now look, I’ve wandered into garble territory! Well anyway, Mr. Byrne did promise that the release date, price and all that other chewy stuff will be known as soon as GDC is over.

Great – now we enter ‘that’ zone in which all developers refuse to release any news due to being overshadowed by GDC. What to do in the meantime….?

Hmmm. Oh look, let’s just watch this gameplay trailer of Lone Survivor and remind ourselves why we love survival horror games. Yes, that will suffice for now.

You can find out more information on Lone Survivor by sifting through the development blog.

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