Luck of the Draw: ‘Ichi’ Launches on Pay-What-You-Like Basis


Following a year-long development cycle, Utrecht-based developers Stolen Couch Games have announced the official PC and Mac release of their one-button puzzler, known simply as Ichi.

Translated into English, Ichi corresponds to the word “beautiful,” and that’s a rather apt moniker to place on the game’s tremendously simplistic, yet artistically eye-catching aesthetic style. Utilising its hand-drawn graphical design as a potent starting point, the game challenges players to collect varying numbers of golden rings littered around each level by manipulating the items of scenery dotted about the screen. At the game’s most basic face value, objects can be rotated in order to guide the player-directed lines towards the golden rings, but Ichi‘s more complex brainteasers employ such tactics as teleportation and block breaking to secure victory.



In addition to the 50-plus levels packed in with the game, Ichi also features a substantial level editor to allow players to create and customise their own innovative puzzles. User-created content can be uploaded to the game’s official servers, where it can be subsequently downloaded and enjoyed by players from all four corners of the globe, assuming that our planet actually had discernible corners, that is.

Ichi can be downloaded through its official website for whatever price customers are willing to pay. As of this writing, only the PC and Mac versions are available, but Stolen Couch have assured budding players that iOS and Android editions of the game will be up for grabs in the near future.

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