Ludum Dare Entry ‘Beast Feast’ to be Made Into Full-Feature Game

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I have been trying out some Ludum Dare games for the past couple weeks as I love the concept of programmers obsessing over their game for three straight days. Giving me a visual idea of what these obsessed developers look like or, more accurately what I hope they look. The room is dark, Coffee is abundant, Eyes are bloodshot from little to no sleep. It humors me and amazes me each and every time I imagine those awesome programmers. One of the games I had the pleasure of experiencing was Beast Feast an arcade-styled, frenzy-inducing effort from developer Underground Pixel.

In Beast Feast the player controls a little monster, which needs to evolve to his/her ultimate form. The only way for the little… thing to grow is by throwing egg bombs at enemies and then eating food they drop. The player needs to reach 50 pieces  to win, but each time one of the enemies hits our heroic monster five pieces of food will be dropped. The goal is to reach 50 as quickly as possible with your time being your high score, it is that simple.

Beast Feast could also not be that simple. Contradicting myself aside Underground Pixel is attempting to turn Beast Feast into a full-featured affair by improving graphics and music adding upgrades, stat boosts, new modes, guest characters, and locations; thus creating Beast Feast Deluxe! This would take Beast Feast from a simple arcade offering to a full-fledged commercial release.

To gain support for Beast Feast Deluxe, Underground Pixel has entered it into the Steam Greenlight sale. Along with Beast Feast Deluxe, Underground Pixel has also entered Pastry Panic, a popular iOS game being ported to the PC, and Invader Eliminator, a brand new arcade game which will be released sometime in early 2013 for iOS, Mac, and PC, which IGM previewed a month ago. Below is alpha footage of Invader Eliminator.

If you would like to try out the early Ludum Dare version of Beast Feast (from which all the pictures above were taken) you can check it out here or at kongregate. You should also view Underground Pixel’s official website, and the Greenlight pages of Beast Feast Deluxe, Invader Eliminator, and Pastry Panic. For more info on Beast Feast Deluxe and all things indie gaming, stick with

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