Make Tredecillions Of Musical Loops In ‘AVSEQ’, Out Now


Big Robot have released their debut title, an audio-visual sequencer puzzle game called AVSEQ for Windows and Mac, it looks simple but there’s no denying that the huge numbers of variants is overwhelming.

Today I learned that tredecillion is a thing, to be more precise a number. As is sexdecillion (I know), septendecillion, octodecillion and novemdecillion – they have seriously named huge numbers after months, it’s mental. Anyway, the game that taught me this is Jim Rossignol from Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s debut game under his studio name, Big Robot. The name of the game is AVSEQ and before you go “well that’s a stupid name”, ahem, Audio Visual SEQuencer, comprendé? It’s worth pointing out that Rossignol was helped by many other developers to make the game, a lot, apparently.

In AVSEQ you are tasked with linking up falling musical gadgets to form a sequence of music. That’s all there is to it to be honest – it’s more of a chilling out kind of game with a little bit of brain activity to keep you busy. Now that the game is released, you can purchase it for $5 on Windows or, if you you prefer, Mac.

Big Robot is also working on an exploration game under the working title Project Lodestone which you can check out here.

More information on Big Robot and AVSEQ can be found on the official website.

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