‘Mew-Genics’ Meet The Cast And Speculate On The Game In Anticipation of Catageddon

Mew-Genics Dr Beanies
Mew-Genics Dr Beanies

For anyone who has managed to miss the various announcements from Team Meat the duo have been working on their next big title and have recently been teasing  it to the world. It’s called Mew-Genics and at best the information is sketchy, but the team have been teasing little bits of information over the past few weeks.

Team Meat have been publishing images of the characters from the game so far every “Caturday” (each Saturday) with last Saturday marking the end of character teasing. Team Meat stated that the following images will tease more about the game design, platforms it will be released on, and music.

Mew-Genics Butch

Team Meat are of course the brains behind Super Meat Boy and The Binding Of Isaac, just to name the most popular titles from the team. On the back of many great titles in the past I am sure everyone is really expecting something special with the teams latest game.

Mew-Genics does look very interesting and follows the classic art styling seen particularly in The Binding Of Isaac and some of Edmund’s Earlier titles. Mew-Genics will, I’m sure have you experimenting on cats to create some interesting results. As the name would suggest being a derivative of Eugenics.

Mew-Genics Tracy

If the images are anything to go off I can assume you work genetically altering cats with Dr Beanies whilst Tracy seems to be a crazed animal rights protester. I would also like to weigh in on Frank being a genetic test gone wrong.

Although very much still conjecture the images and the name really starts to create a picture in my mind of a novel new game revolving around genetic engineering. The gameplay however is a bit more elusive and really could be anything, so I am really looking forward to seeing how it does turn out. Maybe you create cats to complete puzzles with specific traits? Add you suggestions in the comments below, maybe we can crack the riddle together.

Mew-Genics Frank

With any luck over the next few weeks we will start seeing some more details of the game coming to light and hopefully it will prove many of my theories correct because hey we all like to be right don’t we.

Be sure to follow all the developments over on the official Team Meat site here.

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