‘Minecraft’ To Have Currency And Trading Soon

Minecraft Trading
Minecraft Trading

There have been pleas, begging and plenty of speculation for weeks about the possibility of trading in Minecraft. It is up to Jeb (Jens Bergensten) of Mojang to work it out though and it seems he has been listening.

Through the medium of Twitter once again, Jeb revealed a screenshot of the latest thing he has been working on with this tweet. Can you see what it is? That would be a trading screen. Here it is for your convenience:

Minecraft Trading

As you can see, trading will be conducted with villagers who can be found in their settlements. Red coins will be the game’s first proper currency to be used while trading. It’s not entirely clear how everything works, and as it is still a work in progress, this might not be how the screen ends up looking. It seems that you’ll be able to flick through the villager’s inventory from the screen, thus producing how much each item will cost as well. Seems logical at least.

This will presumably be implemented with the next update for the PC version, the recently released Xbox version may get this feature some time in the far off future perhaps.

More information on Minecraft can be found on the game’s official website.

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