Minecraft Update: New Blocks and Crops (Part 4)

Command Blocks

Hello again, everybody! Today I am going to continue what I started last article, and discuss about some more of the new items and mechanics that have been added to Minecraft and will appear in the “Pretty Scary” update.

Command Blocks

First of all, today I am going to discuss Command Blocks. Have you ever been playing an adventure map, and you received items or rewards through the use of chests or dispensers? The times have changed, my friends, as such methods are no longer necessary. Command Blocks are basically blocks that can be triggered by a Redstone signal, be it by Pressure Plate or lever, and send out a command to the server you are playing on. Virtually anything can happen through the use of Command Blocks, and some common commands that could be applied are /give and /tp (teleport). By right-clicking on the Command Block, you can set the command you would like to take place when a Redstone signal is present, as well as who you want the command to affect. Currently, the commands can target the nearest player, a random player, all players, or the player farthest away from the Command Block. Traps can be drastically improved with this new addition, along with Adventure maps. In conclusion, Command Blocks have endless possibilities, and add an exciting new twist to working with complicated and generally boring Redstone circuits.

Quick Facts

  • Currently, there are only a few commands which cannot be triggered through Command Blocks. These are: /kick, /ban, /op, /deop, /stop, which are excluded for obvious reasons.
  • Command Blocks will be disabled by default, and have to be changed through the use of the /gamerule command
  • Command Blocks were first mentioned by Jeb in a tweet on July 27th (2012)
  • Through the use of Command Blocks, you can now make teleporters to different areas, instead of using Nether portals
  •  Command Blocks currently cannot be crafted, and can only be illegitimately spawned through the use of the /give command

New Crops

Just when farming wheat was getting boring, Mojang stepped in and added two new types of crops to the game. These news crops are Carrots, and Potatoes.


As you know, the new first crop is the Carrot plant. It is worth mentioning that Carrots are fairly difficult to obtain; they can only be found as a rare drop from a Zombie, or as a naturally spawned crop in Villages. Carrots have a number of possible applications, the first one being crafting a Carrot on a Stick. This can be done by placing a Carrot diagonally to a Fishing Rod within a Crafting Table. The Carrot on a Stick item can give a little bit of purpose to riding on Pigs. Now, you can actually control them through the use of your Carrot on a Stick, and get around where you want to go. However, the Pig can’t move very quickly, and the Pig can’t jump, so it is very difficult navigating on rough terrain. The second application for the Carrot item is to encase the Carrot in Gold Ingots, through the use of a Crafting Table. This will craft a Golden Carrot, which, with the help of an Awkward Potion, creates a Potion of Night Vision. This, as the name describes, allows you to see objects while it is night, as if it were still day, and will be discussed in greater detail in the next article. So, Carrots are a cool, welcomed addition and provide an option to take a break from that Wheat farm.

Potatoes and Poisonous Potatoes

Next up is the new Potato crop. Similarly to Carrots, Potatoes are difficult to obtain, are also rare drops from Zombies, and are found naturally generated alongside Wheat in Villages. Unlike Wheat, however, the Potato plant only takes 4 stages to grow, whereas Wheat takes 8, so it is much quicker to grow Potatoes. One Potato plant yields one to four Potatoes, and there is a two percent chance that a Poisonous Potato will be dropped. Potatoes can be cooked through the use of a Furnace, which makes a Baked Potato, and can restore six hunger points. What about Poisonous Potatoes? Well, Poisonous Potatoes is essentially the same as a regular Potato, but has a chance of poisoning the player, similarly to Spider Eyes. Again, Potatoes, their poisonous relatives, and Carrots, are welcome new guests in Minecraft and we are looking to see more of them (sorry, not you, Poisonous Potatoes).

Quick Facts

  • When farming a Carrot crop with a Fortune Pickaxe, the number of Carrots yielded increases
  • The Carrot’s texture was changed in Snapshot 12w37a
  • Fortune Pickaxes do not affect the number of Potatoes dropped when harvested
  • Potatoes are currently the only Crop that can be cooked in a Furnace
  • Poisonous Potatoes restore more hunger points than regular Potatoes


So, that’s all for tonight, folks. Look forward to hearing from me again next Thursday, when I discuss the new Potions that have been added, and some of the smaller, less noticeable changes in Minecraft. My question for you today is: Do you think more crops should be added to Minecraft, or is this enough? Leave your creative response in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading!


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