‘Minecraft’ Update: New Potions and Villagers (Part 5)

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Hello everybody, and welcome back to my Minecraft Update series. Previously in this series, I’ve discussed the bigger, more seemingly important changes that will be in the new MinecraftPretty Scary” update, but now, it’s time for the littler things, in life, and thus Minecraft.

New Potions

First up are the new Potions that have been added to Minecraft. Have you ever wished you could just disappear while playing on Survival or with friends? Well, now this is possible, with the newly added Golden Carrot item. To craft the new Potion of Invisibility, simply use the new Golden Carrot item, and a Spider Eye. Upon drinking the Potion will immediately hide your player’s model, even in your own 3rd person view. This will allow you to sneak up on players, although there is still the issue of your enemies hearing you. Even better, you can now beat Creepers at their own game. Mobs will now not attack you unless you attack them first. In conclusion, the new Potion of Invisibility is cool and will really help add some intensity to Hunger Games style servers and matches.

Second, Potions of Night Vision have been added. Have you ever been stuck in a forest or a similar, dark, and scary biome at night? No longer will you have to cower over your desk in fear. Potions of Night Vision increase the brightness level around you, which helps you to see mobs easier, as well as terrain. The Potion of Night Vision can also be brewed similarly to the Potion of Invisibility, through the use of a Golden Carrot. So, one can now see clearly at night, which like the Potion of Invisibility will be able to provide an advantage to players, and spice things up a little.

Quick Notes

  • Potions of Night Vision brightens everything to a 15 light level visually
  • Both Potions can be Extended, to a duration of 8 minutes
  • Potions of Invisibility makes the player’s model and skin disappear
  • Potions of Invisibility, however, do not hide the player’s armor
  • With the splash form of Potions of Invisibility, mobs can also become invisible

Villagers and their Relatives

To me, Villagers have always seemed really cool, but at the same time, lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Their new trading abilities were cool and reduce the amount of similar Mods, but in my opinion, their trading system needed some tweaking. One of the first smaller changes with Villagers is that they now have the ability to react positively to new trades, and negatively also, if you hurt them. In addition to this,  Villagers will not remove their trades, but to access older trades (that may have been a rip-off for the Villager), there is a chance you may have to engage in new trading for a random amount of times. This means that the much-abused paper trading system will be much more difficult to have, to the demise of players that have already implanted Redstone circuits and other means to assist them to do so.

Now to cover the new part of the Villager family. A cross of a Villager and a Zombie would generally not come to mind immediately when designing new Mobs, but apparently it came to the mind of Mojang developers. Nevertheless, another smaller new Mob that has been added to the game are Zombie Villagers. After being killed by a Zombie, Villagers now have a chance of being turned into a Zombie Villager. Their attack damage, and health are the exact same as regular Zombies, but their skin is different, and easily identifiable among packs of Zombies. This is very helpful to servers, and their players in particular. As you may know on popular servers, Villagers are generally brought away to individual players’ bases, where they are stored which can put your server in a deficit of Villagers. Zombie Villagers can be reverted to their original state, by being hit by a Splash Potion of Weakness, then being right-clicked with a Golden Apple. After a few minutes the Zombie Villager will become a regular Village.

Quick Facts

  • Zombie Villager can drop Rotten Flesh and Iron tools
  • It is possible for a baby Villager to be infected, and thus become a baby Zombie Villager
  • Zombie Villagers first appeared in Snapshot 12w32a
  • Villager have 5 different professions
  • Bottle o’ Enchanting can be only obtained in Survival mode fairly through trading with Villagers


There have been many changes to Minecraft, which obviously include Villagers and their relatives, as well as the addition of new Potions. I am glad to say that I will now be writing a Minecraft column for IGM on a regular basis, which you will be able to see on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As always, I have a question for you – Should more Villager types be added, as well as the variety of items that can be traded? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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