‘Minecraft’ Xbox 360 Release Date And Pricing Confirmed


Microsoft have confirmed the date that Xbox 360 players will finally be able to purchase Minecraft from Xbox Live.

Minecraft needs no introduction after having sold over 5 million copies on the PC alone, with mobile versions springing up and now the Xbox Live version too. It’s not exactly a secret that Xbox players have been pining for Minecraft, making do (shall we say?) with similar titles FortressCraft and Total Miner instead which have since been the best selling indie games on Xbox Live.

The release date of Minecraft on Xbox Live is May 9th 2012 and the game will cost a tremendous 1600 MSP – that converts to a whole $20/£13.20.

This works out to be a little cheaper than it is full price on PC right now and a good job considering the Xbox 360 version gets less features, as we detailed here.

You can find out more information on Minecraft over on the official website.

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  1. Mike White

    I hope they give us players that have been playing since early beta a discount or something

  2. Andy_Boy

    But because we are canadian mean we are going to be spending the regular pc price, since our msp cards are only 1400… 

  3. Hockyhoser

    1600 points canadian equals out to about roughly 22.50, so not full price, but still not legitimate $20 like theyve boasted

  4. bob

    why the fuck would they make it 1600 points now us canadians have to waste 40 dollars like wtf!?!

  5. kirk

    Bob americans pay $20 for 1600 and Canadians pay $30 for 1400
    So therefore minecraft will be 1400 in canada

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