Mixing It Up: ‘Sky Alchemist’ Takes To The Desura Skies

Sky Alchemist
Sky Alchemist

Claiming to evolve its tower defense roots through “increasing the strategic depth and the complexity of what you can build”, Eye3ware are confident that those looking for a challenge will enjoy their new puzzle game, Sky Alchemist.

Sounds like quite a creative experience via the header image and game title, but in Sky Alchemist you’ll be spending more of your time placing a range of tools around a path upon which 58 types of matter will travel. You’ll have to cool, melt, break and then collect all of this matter and then sell it so that you may purchase more effective tools and ones to attend to matter you couldn’t previously affect.

Apparently the game’s engine is capable of producing thousands of missions for you to try out various different formations of matter, to which you can build your intricate production lines. Though you won’t be taking to the skies in this title, Eye3ware say that this is a seminal game; introducing the world to players with which they intend to release further games within that allow for feature exploration, tactical and strategic airship combat and more.

Some players who have started up Sky Alchemist have become a little lost in its complexities, so to alleviate that there is a tutorial walkthrough to consult.

You can purchase Sky Alchemist from its Desura store page for PC and Mac for £5.99.

More information about Sky Alchemist can be found over on the game’s official website.

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