‘Montague’s Mount’ Needs Your Support To Build Its Scary Island

Montagues Mount

While funding campaigns aren’t the be all and end all of every indie gaming project, some times there are those ideas deserving of support that sadly can’t seem to find it. The psychological thriller Montague’s Mount has found itself within just such a position.

If you missed our earlier look at the game not too long ago, Montague’s Mount is a first person perspective title that has you wandering around a bleak and dangerous island, isolated and confused. But unlike the many horror games that throw buckets of crimson (and some times green) blood at your TV screen in an attempt to scare you, creators PolyPusher Studios are aiming for something that really gets under your skin.

By concentrating on real life issues such as mental health and puzzles that will shock as well as provoke, Montague’s Mount will certainly stand out from the crowd, but that’s not its only interesting design choice.

Since the game plays out off the coast of Ireland, the team are building the game from the ground up using Gaeilge (or Irish Gaelic), the Irish language, making it one of the only mainstream games to use it. Don’t worry, english subtitles will be included, but I’m fascinated to play a game built around the language of my real home (I was born in Dublin, true story).


Montague’s Mount is getting very close to the end of its Indiegogo campaign, and it needs your help. The more money raised the quicker the game is released to the public, along with future chapters in the saga in 2013. So far the response hasn’t been as strong as hoped, but there’s always time to contribute.

If everything goes as planned, chapter one will be released by the end of the year on PC, Mac and Linux. If you’re a fan of horror games that push the boundaries, you’ll want to get involved with Montague’s Mount. For more on the game, visit the official website here.

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  1. staR-Kron

    its really sad to see how this ambitious project gets no support at all. 15.000 $ is nothing compared to other games on crowdfunding pages and it still cant manage to reach 1.000 $ :/

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