Mootiful: ‘Beware Planet Earth’ Trailer

Beware Planet Earth
Beware Planet Earth

Lightmare Studio have released a gameplay trailer for their saccharine tower defense title, Beware Planet Earth, which is due for release on PC soon.

After seeing the gameplay from Beware Planet Earth, we’ve deemed it ‘Aliens vs. Cows’ as a way to humor ourselves. If you didn’t catch that reference, the game looks a lot like Plants vs. Zombies – it’s immediately noticeable. It’s tower defense on a grid with plenty of bright colors.

We’re not knocking it or anything, in fact, we think it looks quite delightful and are eager to see how it plays. Mostly to see how many differences there are to Popcap’s more famous title, but also because some of the scenarios and animations look like great fun.

In any case, there’s plenty of variation and hard work in Beware Planet Earth by the looks of it so we’re happy to smile and wave as its flurry of colors passes our eyes. Unfortunately, the best we can do for a release date is Q2 of 2012, so it should be soon-ish with any luck. It will be a PC only launch as well. Here’s the trailer:

More information on Beware Planet Earth can be found on the game’s official website.

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