Moving On Up: ‘Helena The 3rd’ Now Available On Desura

Helena the 3rd
Helena the 3rd

It’s taken a little while, but Only Human Games’ Helena The 3rd is now available for download for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Desura.

Avid fans of the UK/US studio might recall that Helena The 3rd was originally outed last August over on Indievania and through the developers’ official website. Now, however, buyers can get their hands on a universal digital copy of the game for the meagre sum of £2.99.

Helena The 3rd puts players in the enviable role of a jumping tank, which is more than just a smidge useful considering that the game is a platformer. The game features several different points of visual perspective, including sidescrolling mayhem on a 2D plane, free exploration within a 3D space and classic first-person shooter gameplay at certain junctures of each level. Of course, in spite of all these differences, there’s always plenty of room for the typical madcap blasting that we all know and love. You are, after all, a jumping tank, and it’d be a crying shame if a hearty helping of destruction wasn’t on the menu somewhere.



To purchase Helena The 3rd, head over to its Desura page, where a free demo is also available.

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