Mystery, Whispers And Memories: ‘Enola’ Seeks Funding For Development


Sergio Rosa of The Domaginarium is asking for some help to turn his atmospheric Ludum Dare 22 entry, Enola, into a more realised project; one full of mystery, questions and creeps.

Inspired by Silent Hill, The Blair Witch Project, Myst and especially Limbo; Sergio’s Enola may have been short but it had a profound impact on those who tested and scored it according to the Ludum Dare rules. The game, like the rest of the entries in the competition, was made in 48 hours and Sergio chose the Unreal Engine to bring his concept to life, The real marvel of Enola is its mystical play with the theme of 22nd Ludum Dare: “Alone”.


Set in a creepy and very foggy forest, the player follows light orbs to carve a path but upon interacting with them a shred of a memory, a cry for help, enters the players head. Soon they come across a building in the forest and, well, if you’ve watched The Blair Witch Project you will know that’s not a good thing. You can play the original version of Enola made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 22 competition for free right here.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Adam Smith even picked Enola out of the hundreds of entries and said the following about it: “I like unnerving forests and even though there is very little to Enola, the visuals work beautifully, with gorgeous use of lighting, and the ease with which it leads a ‘lost’ character without using arrows and signposts is highly effective. It’s something that games with much grander ambitions often struggle with and I admire Enola’s compactness for the cleverness of that bit of design alone.”

To turn Enola into a more ambitious project, Sergio needs a little bit of help. Sergio is the first to admit that he cannot comprise all the required elements of Enola by himself and is asking for funding to encourage designers, artists, and audio specialists as well – the weakest aspect of Enola was certainly the audio. He will also use any money he receives to purchase a Mac and iDevices to test and port Enola to iOS, “since the simple look-and-point control scheme would fit touch screens perfectly”. Some money would also be used to get a spot in different gaming events, like PAX and the Game Developer’s Conference.

Those who do back Enola will receive some bonuses, namely, t-shirts, posters, soundtracks, alpha versions and the final version of the game, a making of DVD and the source code. So, if you want to help out this eloquent project, please head on over to the IndieGoGo page and donate the desired amount.

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