New IndieGameStand Features ‘Gnomoria’ as Pay What You Want Game



Today the new IndieGameStand launched featuring Gnomoria, a sandbox village-building game by Robotronic Games. IndieGameStand, for those who do not know, features a new indie game every 96 hours, which they offer in the pay what you want format, much like the Indie Humble Bundle.  Part of the price paid for the game goes to a featured charity chosen by the developer, which so happens to be the Red Cross Foundation for this Indie Game Stand. The games presented are available DRM-free for no hassle downloading. But the game, yes, you would like to hear about that.

The developer, Robert West or “RoboBob”, claims influence from other great sandbox games in ‘The Sims‘ and ‘Dwarf Fortress‘  and looks to build on the successes of those games. Gnomoria focuses on the lives of a group of gnomes who have left the city and moved to create their own village and kingdom. Players control the whole group and issue orders such as digging, building, crafting, and farming to keep their society flourishing. They also work to ward off attacks from outsiders and enemies who want to destroy their kingdom before it starts.

Each game begins with a procedurally-generated world, which features a fully destructible environment. Each part of the world can be broken down into materials which can then be used to rebuild the world into a beautiful kingdom. Gnomoria is a true sandbox game and allows for players to build their society as they see fit. Is your society a defensive military powerhouse or a simple farmers village? It is absolutely up to you.

IndieGameStand is up now and you can purchase Gnomoria directly from the website. A purchase of $1 or more will earn you the Desura key as well. Otherwise, check out Gnomoria on its official website, on Desura, and on Steam Greenlight. For more info on Gnomoria as well as all your indie gaming needs, stick right here with

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