New Release ‘Face-Plant Adventures’ Hits the Xbox Live Marketplace

face plant adventure splash

Face-Plant Adventures is a platform game with puzzle elements in which development started in 2011 as a side project the title has come a long way since its humble beginning the other year. Coming from being the finalist in Dream Build Play 2012 to the Xbox Live Marketplace by the indie developer Oddworm Games. Check out the brand new launch trailer below to start to get a feel what Face-Plant Adventures is all about:

Face-Plant Adventures looks to of shaped up to be a nice puzzle platformer  with some interesting elements, you play through the game as this strange looking plant creature on a mission to traverse this unforgiving landscape. The levels are all beautifully hand drawn with a constant eerie tone set over the top making for some very beautiful and highly atmospheric gameplay.

Face-Plant Adventures contains 11 challenging levels in the adventure mode tasking the player to solve tricky switch puzzles and retrieving the lost golden leaves. The game also has the selection of three difficulty settings allowing the players of all skill level to still enjoy this crazy puzzle platformer.

Face-Plant Adventures looks to be a worthy addition to the Xbox Live marketplace adding another great title. Face-Plant Adventures is the debut title from the German team Oddworm Games and hopefully will be the first in a long line of great titles released by them. If you are interested in Face-Plant Adventures check it out on the Xbox Live marketplace here or on your console.

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