Oh, Gee: ‘Gobbo Goes’ Launch Trailer Released

Gobbo Goes

An indie developer thus far known only as Roman has unleashed a new trailer for his upcoming browser-based drag-and-drop puzzle adventure, Gobbo Goes, and we’ve no qualms in saying it’s more than a little mad.

Featuring an alluring hand-drawn art style and a rather bewildering, yet strangely infectious aural blend of electro-synthesised trombone noises and urban funk, the game combines the endearing conventions of sci-fi lore and a charming fantasy backdrop before wrapping it up in a humorously embellished package.

And despite its childish exterior, Gobbo Goes appears to make use of some devilishly inventive and cerebrally-taxing puzzle mechanics. Just take a look at the trailer below and you’ll get a feel for what I’m saying.



Although we haven’t received word of a solid release date yet, Gobbo Goes will be coming soon. While it looks as though it will be supported by most web browsers, it’ll apparently be best enjoyed through Google Chrome, the browser for which it was developed and optimised. Stay tuned for more, boys and girls.

More footage from Gobbo Goes can be accessed through the game’s official website.

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