One Man, One Engine, Three Weeks: ‘Ignite’ Is Coming To iOS

Ignite iOS
Ignite iOS

Nemesys Games have told us that their previously PC exclusive racer, Ignite, has been ported over to iOS platforms and to a great result – do we believe them?

Well this is unexpected. Apparently, one Loopy Lucy from the team at Nemesys has spent the last three weeks attempting to run the Nemesys Engine on iOS and apparently it works! Of course, simply getting the engine over is just a small part of the battle. They now face the challenge of getting Ignite functioning in a manner that suits the platform and those finicky controls.

One thing that was said in our review of Ignite is that it was a pretty simple racer – there’s not much to it really but it is fairly fun. So imagining it on iOS isn’t a huge leap, but it is a big step, if we stick with the analogy.

We’re hoping to see some more screenshots and videos in the coming weeks, all we have right now is the first screenshot at the top of this post. If you want more though, you can watch the trailer with PC footage to get some form of an idea of the game.

More information on Ignite can be found on the game’s official website.

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