One To Look Out For: ‘Ring Runner – Flight Of The Sages’

Ring Runner
Ring Runner

Triple-B-Titles are preparing to launch their debut space-based action RPG, Ring Runner – Flight of the Sages, later this year and you’re going to want to keep an eye out for it.

Triple-B-Titles is the studio name of the Dryere brothers, who have spent the last four years working on their debut title, Ring Runner. They’re just starting to get around to spreading the word of their hard work but we’re getting ahead of the crowds and telling you why you should be on the lookout for this game. This may prove a tricky task as the brothers are finding out right about now, as Ring Runner is a fairly unique action RPG but its best-selling point is just watching it in action.

Rather than lazily pointing you towards a video though, we will try to explain a little of what the game is about in some condensed form. Luckily we have the help of Enrique Dryere to explain where Ring Runner comes from:

“It’s basically an action RPG in space with tons of different abilities, ships, and other fun stuff! Its inspiration can be found in a classic old Mythic game, Silent Death, which if anyone remembers was on AOL games at something like 2 bucks an hour to play,” Enrique explains.

“As a lad, I racked up about 2k in credit card debt in one month and was promptly grounded — never got to play [Silent Death] again. And now that I can afford to pay for it myself, it doesn’t exist, so I figured I’d have to make a modern version. Other inspirations come from the fast paced action of DotA games and the vast offerings for “horizontal” improvement in Guild Wars.”

Ring Runner

Yes, that's a giant mech!

While Silent Death remains as probably Ring Runner‘s biggest inspiration, the brothers cite the game itself as a combination of Defense of the Ancients, Diablo, Smash Bros., and Asteroids. They make it clear that it’s not a typical action RPG – “no critical hits, button mashing, or targeted abilities” – and it’s not your usual arcade shmup experience either, they claim that Ring Runner is a much deeper experience, with lots of customization options (over 350 skills and 65 playable hulls), a need for strategy and probably more game modes than most.

Those game modes include a story-driven, single player campaign and many multiplayer variants – Base vs. Base Battle, Deathmatch, Racing, Exploration and Wave Mode. The brothers have been keeping a very detailed development vlog which has gone largely ignored but you can check it out over on their YouTube channel. They even plan to release a full novel based in the same universe as the game titled Ring Runner: Derelict Dreams. How’s that for in-depth development?!

Ring Runner – Flight of the Sages will be released in either late Summer or the Fall for the Xbox 360 and will be released on PC in Q4 of 2012 or early 2013. The novel will be released around the same time.

You can find out more information on Ring Runner – Flight of the Sages over on the game’s brand new website.

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  1. seasoningz

    Wow! this does look like a great game! i can’t belive it was made by two guys!!! you can really see the super smash bros aspect of it watching the battle vid. Looks like a lot of fun to play with friends :) I’m excited to see what the storyline will be, especially since there’s book attached. I love games with rich storylines, and afteri seeing the amazing work put into the game mchanics im really looking forward to a great narritive!

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