Online Co-op Dungeon Crawling Can Be Had Right Now In ‘Dungeon Dashers’

Dungeon Dashers
Dungeon Dashers

Jigxor, also known as Andrew Sum, is currently developing an online multiplayer turn-based dungeon crawler called Dungeon Dashers and my word it’s beautiful. The raiding of dungeons is mostly a single player affair, an entertaining one sure, but you often end up getting very attached to your party of heroes and speaking to them out loud so that passers-by question your sanity.

Well, what if we told you that no longer will non-gamers gaze upon your time spent with your imaginary friends disapprovingly. What if we told you that you could play with real life friends and raid dungeons and the word MMO is nowhere to be seen (apart from right there.). Up for that? Well then you should pre-order Dungeon Dashers as this is an online co-op game in which you can do just that. Plus, if you pre-order now you also get a copy of the game to give to one of your real life friends at no extra cost.

With 4-8 distinct classes, single player and up to four player online co-op, hand-made dungeons and turn-based everything, we’re gushing everywhere about this one. Apparently it’s on its way to Steam too and when it does arrive on there, those he bought the game early will get Steam keys too. Sorted.

We spoke to Andrew earlier and he said that those who pre-ordered the game will be getting a new build very soon, so hop on now!

More information on Dungeon Dashers can be found on the game’s official website.

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