Ouya – Free Open Hackable Indie Game Console raises $2+ million


OUYA, an open source Android based console gaming system, has been rumored for awhile now, but I wasn’t expecting it to hit Kickstarter let alone become the most successful campaign of all time in less than 48 hours.  Currently, the project sits at $2.6 million dollars.  If you’ve checked out their campaign and seen their video it’s pretty clear why they’ve been so successful.  The video highlights a well thought out controller, features designs by Yves Behar (founder of the FuseProject) and tantalizes gamers by telling us the game platform is open, hackable and will feature predominantly free to play games.  It helps that the platform boasts some predominant and well-known indie game developers supporting the project/console – including Adam Saltsman of Canabalt fame and Notch, creator of the incredibly successful Minecraft.

It will be interesting to see the path of OUYA and how it is received when it is finally released (current estimate is March 2013).  If OUYA team sticks with their promise of openness, this could be the “Indie” game console that makes it incredibly easy for any developer to put their Android based game on a big HDTV.

You have 28 days left to preorder an Ouya on Kickstarter (since it’s already 276% funded), head over to their campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ouya/ouya-a-new-kind-of-video-game-console/

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