Phil Fish Has Plans For Next Game, May Use Kickstarter

Phil Fish
Phil Fish

Phil Fish has said that he already has plans for his next game after the still not released Fez, he also said that it won’t be an XBLA title and that he is thinking of using Kickstarter.

While many of us are still awaiting the release of Fez, Phil Fish is already looking beyond the release of his mind-bending platformer and on to his next project. Since having finished up his work on Fez 3 months ago, with the rest of it being debugging by other persons and the certification process, Fish has been left with a development blank spot. It seems that he has been occupying himself with not just winning awards, but also conjuring up new ideas.

Speaking at SXSW Interactive, Fish said that his next project definitely won’t be an XBLA title. Not because he’s had a bad experience with Microsoft mind you, on the contrary, he says they’ve been understanding and supportive.

Fish said that this next project will have a bigger team, so presumably it will be a little more ambitious than Fez, perhaps? Either way, he is keen to get started on it, so rather than waiting for 3-5 months until the money from Fez comes in, Fish is thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign so that work on this next project can begin sooner.

“It’s going to take a while before we get money from Microsoft, and I want to get started on this project that I’m making with a couple people, a larger team than just me and another guy,” Fish said. “We wouldn’t need much and we wouldn’t ask for much, but I assume we’ll get more than we ask for, having just won the grand prize and Fez about to come out.”


“I’m afraid people might take [the Kickstarter] the wrong way. Like, ‘Why do you need a Kickstarter, you just made Fez?’ Yeah, but it takes five months before we get paid, maybe, it’s totally variable, but at least three months. The best case scenario is we get paid three months after the release. I don’t want to wait three months.”

It seems more and more developers are turning to crowdfunding for monetary backing these days and who can blame them? Double Fine’s Adventure just hit $3 million on Kickstarter and is about to expire.

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