Pick Your Brain: ‘AXON’ Will Get Inside Your Head


Preloaded have released their fast-paced, scientific-based AXON for free as part of an exhibition intended to educate players about the mysteries of the brain through a casual gaming experience.

As part of the Brains: The Mind as Matter exhibition (29 March to 17 June 2012) at the Wellcome Collection, AXON was made in order to give people something fun yet educational to play. Now, many of you may have a pre-established opinion of games that intend to teach the player something – but this is actually really interesting.

The goal behind AXON is to introduce players to the many mysteries of our own brains by means of using gameplay to allow the player to grow their own neuron inside a foetal brain. Sounds a little barmy perhaps, but it’s pretty fun and just involves lots of fast-reaction clicking. You’re challenged to click on the protein to grow your neuron through the brain tissue to as many regions of the brain as possible all the while out-competing rival neurons.

The challenge is that this process has to be done pretty timely as your circle of influence rapidly deteriates, thus giving you less and less options to which to expand your influence. There’s a few power proteins scattered throughout that will come very much in handy too.

From the main menu there’s a means to discover the science behind the game, but more engaging is finding out what kind of neuron you end up growing after you fail to continue expanding. Once your trip through the brain comes to an end, you’re given a link to Wikipedia where you can find out more about what you have grown – it’s pretty fascinating.

You can play AXON for free over on the Wellcome Collection website and you can check out the rest of the exhibition right here.

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