‘Pid’ Kid Meets His Enemy, The Crook, in This Trailer


In a trailer for what we can only assume is one of many bosses in Might & Delight‘s creative upcoming XBLA platformer, Pid, a young boy named Kurt meets The Crook. Kurt, the main character of the game, seems to be strolling about when a fearful personified balloon shoots at him and launches what appears to be a boss stage of some sort. The trailer is pleasantly creative and showcases that perhaps there’s much more to Pid than just some tired old formula of the indie platformer.

Pid has been confirmed for initial launch on the Xbox Live Arcade, but information at E3 seemed to indicate that the game would also see the light of day on the PlayStation Network and PC. It promises a campaign stacked with many puzzles and twists, and its perhaps one of the most exciting games to look forward to in terms of aesthetics. We’ll keep you posted on developments for Pid. In the meantime, though, enjoy this superb trailer:

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