Pink Void: ‘Kinetic Void’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Kinetic Void
Kinetic Void

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, there’s a new 3D space flight simulator on the loose, and its name is Kinetic Void. But with the game still in its Alpha stage, developers Badland Studio have taken to Kickstarter to launch the game into the stratosphere.

With the campaign set to close on 30th May, Badland will be hoping to meet its lofty goal of $60,000, which will apparently go directly towards both the acquisition of the necessary software licenses and the prolonged full-time development of the game over the next six months. As of this writing, over $3,000 had been raised, meaning that, if the ever-spurious law of averages is to be believed, the developers remain on course to reach their target.



While the high-speed rigmarole of space flight is Kinetic Void‘s main attraction, its shipbuilding mechanic isn’t too far behind. Spaceships are constructed by combining various modules together in an unholy intergalactic alliance, and each individual component may be damaged or completely wiped out when the enemy factions come knocking.

And, speaking of enemy factions, Kinetic Void boasts more than its fair share of combat, diplomacy and trade as the player wades through the procedurally-generated abyss. With alliances, war declarations and temporary agreements based on mutual understanding ready to be forged with an entire universe of NPCs, it’s pretty fair to assume that Kinetic Void‘s lore will be a rich one indeed.

Also new to the Kinetic Void experience is a recently-launched Shipyard demo, which can be downloaded for free through the game’s official site. Predictably set in the game’s shipyard, players are given the opportunity to create, customise and launch their own ships, essentially serving as a mini-tutorial of the game’s control system and basic features.

To find out more about the game’s fundraising campaign, visit the official Kinetic Void Kickstarter page, where you can also make a donation.

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