Dinosaurs, Digging And Danger: ‘Planet Explorers’

Planet Explorers
Planet Explorers

Pathea Games announced their next project at GDC with a trailer – Planet Explorers features dinosaurs, digging, building, combat and other RPG elements and is set on a distant planet.

Following their action platformer, Drains, Pathea are now developing an open world RPG experience which incorporates many of the features that come associated with the many voxel-based games of today’s gaming landscape. Planet Explorers is set in the year 2287 after one of the first colony ships crash lands on the planet Maria, killing many of the colonists. The ones who survive step out to find a would inhabited by dangerous creatures but they learn to use the planet’s resources to their advantage.

This is where you come in – you’ll create your own character and set off to survive Maria with the rest of the colonists that remain. You’ll be able to combine and create weapons, vehicles, and buildings to help you out across the many missions that will come your way in this otherwise typical RPG gameplay. Planet Explorers will be single player initially but the developers are looking to add co-op and other multiplayer modes before the final release.

The plan is to release the open beta in July – it will be Windows only but a Mac version may be available sometime in the future, in anticipation of a full release by late summer. Be sure to check out all of the information available on Planet Explorers with the many screenshots over on the official website.

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