Pre-Order ‘Out There Somewhere’ For February 21st Release

Out There Somewhere
Out There Somewhere

Studio Miniboss have just made their puzzle platformer, Out There Somewhere, available for pre-order, they have also unveiled the release date as February 21st.

The 90s inspired puzzle platformer Out There Somewhere has a familiar sheen to it but one that is uniquely attracting. There’s a torrent of news this morning for the game’s developer, Miniboss. First off, the game’s promotional art has been decided since we last covered the game – our threats seemed to work as the Master System art style has been decided upon.

Secondly, the guys have unveiled the game’s release date to be February 21st 2012. They say Out There Somewhere will come with approximately two hours of gameplay time and will cost $4.99 through Desura and their very own humble website.

Lastly, you can pre-order the game right now if you so wish! This is not just any old pre-order, you’ll receive a download link on the 21st for the Voskhod Edition. This includes Out There Somewhere‘s original soundtrack in MP3 format and the Hint Manual in PDF. Go here to throw your cash at the developers for such a treat.

More information on Out There Somewhere is available for your reading on the developer’s official website.

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