‘Project Zomboid’ Update Is Nearly Here, New Locations Revealed

Project Zomboid New Locations
Project Zomboid New Locations

The Indie Stone have released some new screenshots pertaining to the upcoming Project Zomboid update which reveals a bunch of new locations and a new feature which will make survival that little bit harder.

Why?! Why is the name of the latest blog post from The Indie Stone titled “The Final Countdown”? I am not going to get that song out of my head all day now. So if you’re keeping up with Zomboid avidly you will know that there are only 11 tasks on the developer’s countdown clock left to go. That’s pretty exciting.

Since starting this countdown two and a half weeks ago, the developers have managed to finish 15 tasks. If we churn that through our oversized ETA calculator we are told that the new update will be arriving in the middle of February with any luck. Valentines Day would be a lovely day to jump back in to Zomboid and smother your injured wife; let some of that lovers tension out on that most nerve-racking of annually celebrated days.

Apparently there are a bunch of new features with this new update that The Indie Stone are not going to reveal yet, but they have let one slip through the velvet curtain: a thirst system. Basically, this means your character will get thirsty and automatically drain liquid items in their inventory, or you can use water sources to top them up directly. To make matters worse, the water supply will run out in the city as well so it’s best to keep stocked up.

The other information we have been gifted with is the first sight of the new locations that will be added in the map expansion as part of the big update. These are city locations, right in the heart of Muldraugh (probably) which include shops, restaurants and what look to be office blocks with many floors to run up and away from zombies. Oh and look there seems to be quite a few street lights around for once, that’s a relief!

Project Zomboid New Locations Project Zomboid New Locations Project Zomboid New Locations

You can read the update blog here and find out more information on Project Zomboid on the official website.

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