Flippfly Partners With Brass Monkey, Giving ‘Race The Sun’ A New Way To Be Played

Race The Sun SS01
Race The Sun SS01

Flippfly have been working on their fantastic ultra stylized adrenalin fueled racer Race The Sun for some time now. Although still in early alpha there has been a working version of the game available to play on Kongregate for sometime now, in fact I had a look at it in my Indie Intermission segment.

Just yesterday they announced their partnering with Brass Monkey, a new portal and gaming platform that actually allows you to use your mobile device as the input device. It truly is a marvel of technology and it works  flawlessly… maybe too flawlessly, it must be witchcraft, but I do love it.

Race The Sun SS02

Race The Sun is a minimalistic racer in a similar vein to that of Wipeout. You are continually propelled forward and you must use lightning fast reflexes to avoid hitting any number of the obstacles on the map.

Race The Sun is in many ways a unique game. As you are driving in a solar powered car you are reliant on the sun, as it sets your power slowly depleted until you cannot move any more and the game ends. There is of course all manner of power ups to get, some of which provide extra time by turning back the time of day in a novel twist to the classic racer.

Race The sun ss05

Both the standalone version and the web based alpha are now compatible with the new Brass Monkey platform, and believe me it plays very well.

Although there is still much to do on Race The Sun before its launch next year Flippyfly’s partnership with Brass Monkey is great to see and really helps propel this title forward even more.

Race The Sun although still in alpha can be purchased for a discounted rate on the official Site here and of course gives you access to the full game next year. And it uses the rather unique crowd funding system Flippfly devised. If you like the game be sure to vote for it on Greenlight and above all play it on the official Brass Monkey site here to see what all the fuss is about.

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