‘RamBros’ Doubles The Explosions In This Co-op Gameplay


All-American 2D shoot-things-to-make-explosions game, RamBros, has new things to show of and it looks better than ever before. In development under the gifted hand of Paul Greasley, we’ve mentioned RamBros a few times over here and why not? It looks incredibly over-the-top which is usually a good thing, and what do you expect with a game that is very deliberate in its pastiche of Americanisms. Someone needs to enforce freedom and stabilize foreign governments with bullets and explosions, right?

So what’s this new stuff we’ve mentioned? Those in the know will be aware that RamBros is both a single and co-op game. So far we’ve only seen the single player side of things, and that’s been crazy enough as it is. Imagine two of the blighters going at it! On top of that, there are two new weapons showcased: the laser gun and the shield. The All-American shield, that is. Level-wise we get to see the Iraq level, which of course just HAD to exist!

We’re warming up our fingers and thumbs for this fast-paced action platformer but we may be a bit premature. There’s no sign of release any time soon, but we’re prepared to wait for this one. It could have been quicker if you funded the game on Indie GoGo as well, you meanies. Should we just let you see the gameplay already? Yeah, okay then, here you go! Make sure to keep up to date with the game on the development blog.

The lovely fan artwork is by Jonas Nacef by the way. It’s all kinds of awesome!

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