‘Raze’ – The Game With No Code Gets An Update


A sequel to Raze has been outed which adds more challenging levels atop the original game and, of course, the game still boasts being made with no code due to the Brain Builder interface for the Unity Engine.

Your mind is probably questioning how a game can be made with no code, don’t fret, technically it can’t be. What Boldai have achieved with Brain Builder is an interface that allows users to create games in the Unity 3D engine via drag, drop and snap methods. The game they used to showcase the capabilities and simplicity of Brain Builder was Raze – a free physics puzzler which was more of a tech demo than anything else. Due to the growing popularity of Raze, Boldai thought to expand the game itself, still using Brain Builder, adding extra challenges, better physics and improved graphics.

Raze is still a free download, available on the App Store and the Android Marketplace, so it’s worth checking out – their are in-app purchases available if you want them.

You are probably very interested in Brain Builder as well, so if you want to find our more about that just head on over to the official Boldai website.

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