‘Renegade Sector Episode 12: Castle of the Insect King’ Released

Castle of the Insect King

The third episode of Alec Stamos’ action-action Flash series, Tales of the Renegade Sector, has been released on Stamos’ official site and on Newgrounds, where it’s quickly made its way to the front page of the ‘Games’ section.

The latest development in the Renegade Sector storyline is entitled Castle of the Insect King, and it follows Space Captain McAllery’s escapades in an alien swamp. This time round, he’s searching for a piece of the antagonistic Laserbeard’s treasure in the dungeon of a dilapidated castle, which used to be helmed by the ancient Insect King. And thus begins a journey involving insect battles, shooting and a leap of faith or two.

It’s evident that a considerable amount of hard work has gone into polishing up the Renegade Sector experience in recent months, and Castle of the Insect King is a testament to just how far this series has come since its inception. The controls in this most recent incarnation of the story are the smoothest, most fluidly executed yet, while the shooting mechanics remain as simplistic and satisfying as ever before. Of course, the graphics have clearly come on a treat since the earliest episodes, as you might well gather from comparing the screenshot above with the following image from its formative days.

Castle of the Insect King can be played for free on the official Renegade Sector website. If you’d like to try out the preceding episodes, check out the site’s Archive section.

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