‘Retro Arcade Adventure’ Sums Itself Up With A Launch Trailer

Retro Arcade Adventure
Retro Arcade Adventure

Siactro has released a launch trailer and a release date for their Xbox LIVE destined fantasy hack ‘n slash romp, Retro Arcade Adventure.

You don’t get more “does what it says on the tin” than Retro Arcade Adventure. Those three words in its title sum up exactly what this game is all about. It has “fake” 8 bit graphics, it’s entirely arcade gameplay as you’ll be fighting down waves of fantastical creatures with large swords and whatnot, oh and there’s some semblance of adventure in there too.

The developer actually cites the “one against many” games of old as what they’re trying to emulate. For you modern jazzy folk that means it’s like Horde Mode, basically. The game does have a story too, you follow the the sorcerer of light and the king himself, Kamui, in the fight against the evil demon Malignas and his minions. Simple.

Retro Arcade Adventure will be released on XBLIG for 80MSP on March 15th, a PC release is planned for later in the year.

You can find more information on Retro Arcade Adventure over on the developer’s official blog.

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