‘Retro City Rampage’ Is Smashing It Up On PC, PS Vita And PS3 Too

Retro City Rampage
Retro City Rampage

This being the fabled day of the big Retro City Rampage news, we source the news from the Playstation blog of all places. Yes, there will be an 8-bit rampage on PS3 and PS Vita!

They warned us, VBlank Entertainment that is. They even had a video to outline how big the news hitting us today would be, honestly, we weren’t expecting this at all! Retro City Rampage will be coming to PS3, the PS Vita as well as Steam; before it was just Wii Ware and Xbox Live Arcade. Is there anywhere it’s not going to be available!?

During the announcement, Brian Provinciano of VBlank states that the “PS Vita has been a dream to develop for as well. I’ve developed for every console and handheld from the past decade, and the PS Vita’s development system is the best I’ve ever used.”

Pretty impressive and the good news is that Sony has been open and very supportive with many indie teams developing games for the Vita. Brian also notes that the “PS Vita is an incredible system, one look at the screen and you’ll be hooked too. It takes RCR’s colourful art direction to the next level.”

That last part seems a bit…’marketing speak’ to us but at least there’s now another (hopefully) decent game on the way for Sony’s new handheld so you can justify your purchase. If you don’t know what Retro City Rampage is, then just imagine an 8-bit Grand Theft Auto (yes the original) with loads more to do.

More information on Retro City Rampage can be found on the game’s official website. It will be available on the listed platforms some time in May 2012.

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