Rising Up: Descent-Inspired ‘Retrovirus’ Seeks Funding


Infamous for making people (including me) feel physically sick simply by playing it, Descent hasn’t had so much of a decent rehash for quite a while so Cadenza Interactive are giving it a right old bash with Retrovirus. Astonishingly, watching the footage of this game actually made me gawp at the beautiful alien environments, rather than having to pick bits of last night’s dinner out of my keyboard. It’s still a sixaxis shooter, but whatever Cadenza have changed to make it “modern”, well, they’ve done a good job based entirely on the fact that I haven’t gone dizzy.

So what do you have to do in this game of topsy and sometimes even turvy? You’re a grumpy old antivirus and some of those pesky viral fungi (some are even worms) have found their way into your badger den. There’s some customization to be had, allowing you to create an antivirus program which excels in either strength, cunning or speed. Being the flying shootery type you are (that comes as standard), you’ll have to navigate the many tunnels (because corridors are for squares) of your domain and blast them to smithereens. Not only that, but there are some puzzles to solve on the way through, because these virus’ love to play around with you in such ways.

Not only is this a single player game, but a very modern multiplayer component is available in the form of co-op campaign and versus modes just in case you really want to test your stomach. Not all of these are typical first person shooter match modes though, there’s actually a DOTA style MOBA mode as well, so a kind of tower defense variant basically.

If you’re thinking “cor blimey, I really want to play a game while throwing my guts up/feeling queasy” then you can get yourself involved in the early beta release of Retrovirus by donating some of your hard earned dosh over on Kickstarter. Other things to note that will be made possible by reaching the funding goal include an early release for the modding tools, professional voice acting and in-game cinematics. Cadenza say that about an hour of single player content is set to be cut if funding isn’t reached either.

Feeling the pressure now? Genuinely though, if you want to donate to Retrovirus‘ further development head over to Kickstarter. More information on the game is also available on the official website.

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  1. unklesam666

    i’ve GOT TO ask – as this is the 3rd article this week i’ve read across several sites that refers to “six axis” movement/control range – what are these 6 axes?    last time i understood me some math, there were 3…  X, Y and Z – and even if freedom of movement involves rotating the player/camera view clockwise or counterclockwise (like a barrel roll as opposed to an fps’ single plane turning ability), coordinates would still be generated in regard to the same 3 axes of measurement.  you don’t quantify negative value on a measurement plane as occuring on a different plane.  please just tell me from where you (and your two other participating game review contemporaries) got this idea.

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