‘Robo Hero’ Review – Someone Save This Robot!


After having some time to play Robo Hero from Bravado Waffle Studios I am really torn when it comes to how I view this game. Robo Hero could be a genius design that is light-years ahead of anything we have seen on the iOS platform, or it could be a heaping pile of garbage that the average gamer will not want to waste their time with. Read on to see which path this Robo Hero took!

When first booting up Robo Hero you are greeted with a standard options screen that sports Story, Arena, and Multiplayer Modes. There is some original music that plays in the background with the words “Robo Hero” that remind me of the Digimon theme from my childhood. So far things seem to be pretty standard, and if you go down the path of Story Mode there is a tutorial to show you the ins and outs of the gameplay here.



Basically this is a strategy game that functions on turns, although everyone moves on the same turn. You take control of a small robot that has to navigate levels and get past obstacles such as turrets, bombs, boxes, and other robots. Movement is controlled 15 actions at a time, which means that you may either move, turn, or fire your weapon in any order you would like; however all of those actions combined cannot go over the 15 action limit. Basically this means gameplay is pretty boring, and a safe player will be able to calculate the movements of everything on the level in order to avoid contact with enemies, or time their shots right to kill everything.

Planning ahead is a big part of Robo Hero, but it isn’t as tactical as it may sound. You simply click the camera icon in the lower left hand of the screen and you will see the future movements and actions of everything on the screen (the next 15 actions they will take). There is a limit to the amount of camera looks you can use, but it really only takes one or two checks to assure a solid victory.


Along the way there will be weapon unlocks that can be purchased before starting each level using money that is given to you before the level begins. Money does not carry over so you just buy whatever you want before each level and go on your way.

Robo Hero has some nice graphics and sticks to a cartoony art style. Nothing here is going to “Wow” you or anything, but it definitely won’t give you sore eyes from staring at the game for too long. The music is done well and varies from level to level. There are a decent amount of tracks that change from calm spacey music to more intense battle tunes.

The Arena Mode has players going up against other robots controlled by the AI in a free for all death match game that can be heaps more fun when compared to the Story Mode. Multiplayer mode is the same as Arena, but it allows up to 4 players to play on the same device by passing it around.


After considering all of the facts listed above, some may say that this sounds like an interesting game; however I would have to argue that it is far from that. I found very little enjoyment when trying to play Robo Hero, and I actually had to force myself to pick up my iPad and put in some time just so that I could finish this review. It could be said that this is not my style of game, and that would be completely true.

I like my games to actually be games, something that I can play and enjoy- maybe even causing me to think while playing them? This did none of that for me. Planning ahead 15 moves after viewing the camera meant that I already knew everything that was going to happen on the next turn. There are no surprises, and nothing to make me want to go on longer unless I just want to be able to say “Hey, look at me, I beat this game 100%!” The thing is that I have no reason to do that, and the game gives me no reason to do that.

It may look cute, have some good music, and even provide a little humor, but the fact of the matter is that this game gives the player no reason to actually want to take part in anything it has to offer. Arena mode is fun, but there are only so many times that you can stomp the bots before it becomes mundane.

My final verdict on Robo Hero is that you should avoid it, even given the fact that you can download the free version to try out for yourself. I’d say it would appeal to a very particular group of people and possibly a much younger crowd whom aren’t yet skilled at remembering sequences to plan their movements 15 paces ahead. Save yourself the hassle of downloading and then deleting this game or just tell someone you hate that it’s a really fun game if you want to make them download it only to piss them off.

More information can be found on the official website, or you can stop by the app store to purchase this game now.

[review pros="Music is good, arena mode" cons="Games should be fun - this isn't, too easy, low replay value, boring" score=46]

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