Popular FPS/Tower Defense Hybrid ‘Sanctum’ Coming to Mac


For an indie first-person shooter/tower-defense hybrid, Sanctum is incredibly popular. Coffee Stain Studios’ most successful title, which has shipped (digitally) a little over 350,000 units, is being ported over to Mac. Available on August 13th, Mac users will finally feel the love of the Swedish developer’s awesome effort — which seems to be a Steam community favorite, having just last week been voted into a Community Sale.

Sanctum is a refreshing take on the tower defense genre, incorporating first-person shooter mechanics. Players control an elite soldier who goes by the name of Skye and help Skye protect her hometown, Elysion One, from invading aliens. Sanctum requires planning: before jumping into battle, you must assure that all of your pieces are properly placed on the map to ensure the best possible defensive and labyrinthine structure; after setting the playing field, gamers jump straight into the action and actually battle their enemies headfirst. Complete with co-op and multiplayer components, Sanctum should be a hell of a catch for Mac users who have been looking for a fresh experience.

For now, you can check Sanctum out on Steam and on Coffee Stain’s official website. For those that actually want to participate in the Mac beta for Sanctum, you can do so here.

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